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Yes products are all made from natural ingredients and free from hidden synthetic chemicals.  Being organically certified by the Soil Association they are also the first organic product to be approved by the NHS for prescription!

Susi, Sarah and their team set out to refresh the presentation of the range.  Their vision was to make it more accessible across natural products, medical and pleasure markets.  Together Yes and Curtis worked with a new design agency, Title Designs, to create a fresh new look.

Not only are they launching a new look they also have five new products added to the range.  Two of the new products inspired Peter us to create water and oil based paints echoing the ingredients of which the products are formulated. The glowing range of products all sing with colour and confidence which is just what Susi and the team envisoned.  The complete range will be exhibited in the NOPE new products showcase this year.

Curtis Packaging have been extremely thankful to have been a part of this exciting new chapter with Yes and wish the team huge success.

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