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Brands Go Nuts for Curtis

Last year, at an exhibition we showcased at, Curtis met the founder of Pistachio Provenance and our relationship with the company has steadily grown.

Jane, the Founder of Pistachio Provenance, has made a successful business by developing a company based on ethical sourcing direct from the farm. Being passionate about pistachios, Jane was looking for a packaging company who would be able to design and create a carton which would reflect and represent the artisan and quality of the product inside. Being British and environmentally responsible, it was obvious Curtis Packaging was the perfect choice. Both parties agreed that the match box idea was a definite way forward, but we had a dilemma! What do you do with the pistachio shells?

Together we came up with a sliding divider! The sliding divider moves up and down the box to accommodate which side has more…. The pistachios or the increasing number of shells. Keeping in line with the sustainable practice the pistachio farmers have, the match box carton was made from sustainable materials including the chemical free water based coatings. It was then embossed to add detail whilst giving that natural feel adding to the essence of tradition and authenticity.

Curtis work with many start-up companies and appreciate just how difficult it is when deciding on the perfect package for your product. “For a small company starting out and choosing packaging for their product can be a mind blowing task. This was an obstacle Pistachio Provenance had to overcome. Thankfully last year we created a tool called ‘Finishing Touches…. The 2015 Collection’” commented Steve Mallett, Sales Director. It enables companies to assess and evaluate which finish would be beneficial to the packaging and the company. Jane at Pistachio Provenance was delighted with this tool, it explained the pros and cons of different finishes regarding cost, environmental impact, transit, wow factor etcetera, making the process a whole lot easier.

Both Curtis Packaging and Pistachio Provenance are very proud of the finished product and have entered it in the Luxury Packaging Awards this year.

If you are interested in receiving the Finishes Touches Collection you can visit our website, click on Steve Mallett and email him a request.