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A wine company helps endangered forests

In 2012 Curtis became the UK’s first ‘Carbon Balanced Carton Printer’ by having our emissions balanced by the World Land Trust.

The World Land Trust is an international conservation charity which protects the world’s most important and threatened habitats, who’s, key patrons are Sir David Attenborough and David Gower OBE.

Recently, Steve Mallett, Sales Director at Curtis, presented a wine company with a certificate on behalf of Curtis Packaging and the World Land Trust.  We are proud to announce that this company has balanced (offset) through the World Land Trust the equivalent of 5100kgs of carbon dioxide by using Carbon Balanced board for their Christmas 2013 gift set campaign.

This support will enable the WLT to preserve 429m2 of critically threatened tropical forest at one of the WLT Carbon Balanced Paper project sites.

Other companies can also help us save more endangered forests by choosing carton material from a range of ‘Carbon Balanced Papers’. Each material has its own footprint measured and calculated.

For more information on the World Land Trust visit‎