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Pre Production

Whether we prepare your artwork or you supply it, each project is minutely examined and reviewed before production. We'll communicate any issues so you can be confident of the final result. With the final artwork in place, our 3d visualiser, will allow you to view the final pre-production from every angle.

Road test your packaging

With Curtis, you eradicate expensive errors: through our latest developments in digital print. We'll create full, true to life prototypes quickly and cost effectively with the minimum of wasted resources. Real life replicas of your proposed product packaging can be visualised fully: whether a one-off or enough to fill your test shelves. Does it sit well on the shelf? Will it survive transportation? Does it have the right consumer appeal? You no longer need to wait for the full print run for the answers. With the Curtis services you can road test your choice of packaging economically without expensive trial print runs. (an additional charge is made for this service)